Protecting the Environment

One of the most important strategic goals is the company's environmental policy. The management has obliged to reduce negative environmental impacts and to improve relations to environment by putting preventive measures in place.

KOVOHUTĚ HOLDING DT, a.s. has obliged to:

In connection with the EU entry of the Czech Republic, our company has began to respect and fulfill commitments of EU legislation (plan of waste management, applications for integrative permission, etc.)

Past environmental problems at division Kovohutě Čelákovice have been stabilized or solved. Air quality control is highly efficient as well as waste management. For the past several years, we have separated flue dust from the foundry exhaust, solving a longstanding problem for the surrounding area. Our gas fired boiler plant was upgraded in 1996 with the installation of new, efficient gas regenerators. They ensure optimum burner operation round the clock. An outside, authorized company monitors emissions regularly.


Waste sorting is conducted in accordance with current regulations at the source. Central records on waste and refuse are kept, and waste storage is in special boxes built solely for this purpose. Waste disposal is performed in compliance with statutory regulations.

The company in large part observes established limits for effluent water. By means of partial steps, the company has reduced effluent water and lessened contamination. However, the entire water treatment facility will require thorough reconstruction. We are focusing not only on reducing water contamination but also on treatment in order to safely cool machinery and use water with other technical equipment.