Company Introduction

Kovohutě Čelákovice was originally established up by Messrs. Stabenow and Galauner as a small workshop in Prague in 1860. The factory was moved to Čelákovice in 1906 and became a joint stock company "Kovodělné akciové závody Stabenow" in 1920. In 1945, the company was handed over to the National Administration, and from January 1, 1946 it was known as "České válcovny kovů". During the years 1949 to 1989, the company's name was "Kovohutě, n.p".

The present joint stock company was set up by the National Property Fund of the Czech Republic in 1994, and its privatization was carried out during the second wave of the coupon privatization process in 1994-'95.

The most important business partner, MEDEX Trade, a joint stock company, was established in 1995. The main task of this company was to provide Kovohutě Ćelákovice with all commercial and trading activities. Medex Trade is the major stockholder (58 percent) of Kovohutě Čelákovice, a.s. The Board of Directors decided to convey all commercial and trading activities of MEDEX Trade a.s., to Kovohutě Čelákovice, a.s., as of 31 December 2000.

On 1. 7. 2007 – based on incentive of the majority owner DEMONTA Trade SE a new joint stock company KOVOHUTĚ HOLDING DT, a.s. was established on the basis of a merge of original daughter companies ALMAX Trade, a.s., Kovohutě Mníšek a.s., MEDEX Trade a.s. and KOVOHUTĚ ČELÁKOVICE, a.s. Now, the holding management is centralised in the largest division in Čelákovice, which optimised and simplified the decision-making and administrative processes for the whole holding.