Quality Control Policy

A quality control policy is a manufacturer's guarantee that the manufacturing process is in accord with procedures. They should be detailed precisely and they should be monitored on an ongoing basis to warrant constant product quality. That is why our quality control system according to European Standards was established. These standards determine the particular procedures to be followed from the purchase of raw materials, tools, lubricants, and other auxiliary items to the dispatch of the semi-product.

It was necessary for the implementation of a quality system to create and update thorough documentation. A lot of organizational standards determining the principles of all company activities had to be published; the manufacturing sections and laboratories had to be equipped with up-to-date measuring instruments and control and testing devices.

A very important part of quality management is sampling to determine chemical composition, establish mechanical value, and measure structural integrity. High quality sample preparation is a basic condition for accurate test results. This is the reason our laboratories operate with high tech instruments and equipment. For example, in our sample preparation plant, we machine samples to prescribed shapes and dimensions. All quality tests have to be carried out with the highest possible accuracy and in the shortest possible time. Prompt chemical analysis is important, especially for samples from melting furnaces so that the melted composition can be treated before casting.

The testing plant and laboratories of Kovohutě Čelákovice are equipped with testing gear for its own use. But testing and analysis services can also be carried out for customers with a guarantee. These services are confirmed with a certificate, too. There are two methods used for testing: destructive (tensile strength, hardness metering, and other technical tests) and non-destructive. Crank defection control by eddy currents falls into the class of non-destructive methods. The entire output of tubes for steam turbine condensers is tested with this method.

The quality management department has a wide range of modern testing devices (e.g., emission spectrometer SPECTROLAB M10, analyzer oxygen LECO, tensile testing machine UTS/Zwick 250.4, etc.)

The word quality and the quality system are becoming bywords for all employees. The total production and decline in the number of defects during the last five years have shown us that we are on the right track to become a highly regarded manufacturer.