Standard Specifications for Alloys

The following tables represent a comparison of the ways of making various alloys in accordance with the standard specifications of ÈSN, DIN, EN, ASTM, and BS. Odd alloys are not always identical, but differences are minimal. Alloys marked by this symbol - - are registered in our internal set of standard specifications.

It comes to this, that customers can order material directly according to appropriate DIN, EN, or ÈSN. In other cases, we will offer equivalents according to other standard specifications.

Unleaded Copper-Zinc Alloys
Copper-Zinc-Lead Alloys for free machining Purposes and for hot Forging (Free-Machining Brass)
Copper-Zinc Alloys with additional Elements (Special Brass)
Copper-Nickel-Zinc Alloys (Nickel Silver)
Hard solders for capillary brazing
Copper-Tin Alloys (Phosphor Bronze)
Copper-Aluminium Alloys with additional Elements (Aluminium Bronze)
Copper-Nickel Alloys with Manganese
Pure Copper
Copper with low Quantities of additional Elements