Typical Material Properties and Uses

alloy material properties and uses
CuZn28 Particularly good cold workability. To be used in electrical engineering projects, musical instruments, and manufacturing cooling apparatuses.
CuZn36 Good workability for cold bending, drawing, pressing, upsetting, and rolling. Less corrosion resistance. The alloys can be easily plated.
CuZn36Pb2As Brass with higher de-zincification resistance. Suitable for armatures for water distribution, particularly near the sea.
CuZn36Pb1 Good cold workability and machinability. Suitable, for example, for bicycle spokes, sets of drawing tools, and compasses.
CuZn38Pb Good machinability and reasonable cold workability. Tubes for optics and for instruments, and machined parts for musical instruments.
CuZn39Pb1 Good warm workability and to some extent also cold workability. Particularly good machinability for automatic machine tools. Rods for fine mechanics and watches.
CuZn39Pb2 Good machinability for automatic machine tools. Can be formed into very short sectional chips. Very good warm workability. For fittings, screws and other mass produced parts.
CuZn40Mn3Al1 Good corrosion resistance, high strength, good hot workability. For armatures, sliding parts, sleeves.
CuZn40Mn Workability in cold conditions. Good corrosion resistance. For machine parts when substantial strength and corrosion resistance are required.
CuZn28AlSnMn For condenser tubing and heat exchangers with very good corrosion resistance. Suitable for fresh water condenser tubes in thermal power plants.
CuZn20Al2 Condenser brass with high corrosion resistance, particularly de-zincification resistance. For condenser tubing and heat exchangers.
CuZn28Sn1 CCondenser brass. Good corrosion resistance. For condenser tubing and heat exchangers.
CuZn35Mn3Al2Si Special brass for high performance use. Superior strength, corrosion and wear resistance, and high quality finish. Suitable for synchronic ringlets.
CuNi15Zn21 Nickel - silver: good cold workability, good corrosion resistance. Used in electrical engineering projects, instrument manufacture, sanitary engineering projects.
CuNi10Zn41Pb1 Suitable for machining and brazing. Used for musical instrument parts, precision mechanics, and optical instruments.
B-Cu60ZnSi Hard solders for capillary brazing cooper and steel in electrical engineering environment. Working temperature 920 to 950C.
B-Cu50ZnNi Hard solder for capillary brazing steel for heavy load connections. Working temperature 930 to 970C.
CuSn6 For machine parts when substantial strength and corrosion resistance are required. Used for elastic elements, for guiding, sliding, and bearing sleeves.
CuSn8 TThe same application as with CuSn6, particularly for guiding, sliding, and bearing sleeves.
CuAl9Mn2 Good corrosion resistance in acids and alkalis, also at elevated temperature.
CuAl9Fe3 Good corrosion resistance in acids and alkalis, partially cold workable.
CuAl10Fe3Mn1,5 Particularly good corrosion resistance, high strength and wear resistance. For guiding sleeves, pinions, and worm gears under high stress.
CuAl10Fe4Ni4 High strength and wear resistance. Corrosion and oxidation resistance. For bearing and sliding sleeves under stress, armatures, and gears.
CuAl9Ni5Fe1Mn1 High strength and wear resistance and high corrosion resistance. For stressed worm gears, turbo engine gussets, ejectors, pumps shafts for saline installations, noses of Pelton turbines. For gasket rings of gate valves for pressures higher than 10 MPa, spindles of armatures and pressure nuts.
CuNi10Fe1Mn High corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties also at higher temperatures. For condensers under extreme stress.
Cu99,95 Copper without oxygen content, for exacting use in the electronics industry, vacuums, and atmosphere reducing applications.
Cu99,9E For general use in electrical and mechanical engineering projects.
Cu99,75 Copper with a low oxygen content, suitable for welding in mechanical engineering applications, for example to make chemical processing plants, food industry equipment, and refrigeration plants.
CuP Elliptic section bars used as anodes in copper plating.
CuMn1 Suitable for electric resistance welding. Used for wires for lamp holders.
G-CuAg1 For gas welding copper and brazing steel.

We are customer oriented and able to provide metallurgical semi-products made of analogous materials from those mentioned in the chart. We can produce according to EN and ASTM Standards, or, if need be, according to a specific requirement.