Where are our products used.

The semi-products of Kovohutě Čelákovice can be found in various forms in the products of almost every industry. Some of these products are:

- locks and lock insert.                               Zámky
- hydraulic system.
- valve.
- water cock.
- fitting.
- switch board. Armatury  
- cable and other socket.
- switche.
- breaker.
- socket.
- collector.                             Výrobky 2
- resistor.
- clock part.
- cooler
- vehicle component. Výrobky 3
- energy measurement instruments
- journal bearing.
- chandelier.
- furniture part.
- nuts for bicycles and wire spoke.
- musical instrument.
- distribution equipment in the food industr.                             Regulační ventil
- heating equipment and distribution systems
- steam turbine condenser.
- hard solder.

This list of products is not complete, of course. Copper and its alloys are used everywhere where corrosion and abrasion resistance, good workability, colorfulness, surface quality, etc., are needed.

The reason for the wide range of applications for copper and copper alloy semi-products is their ease of finishing and machining, hot and cold shaping, and soldering and welding. The product surfaces their parts made from these semi-products can be finished by coating, grinding, polishing, blasting, scorching, and swabbing. For achieving stability and surface resistance, various types of passivating can also be used.

Before choosing a certain alloy or shape, the conditions in which the metal will be used should be known. The requirements of its mechanical properties, surface quality, etc., should also be known. Kovohutě Čelákovice makes a wide range of alloys and shapes with different properties for different conditions and uses.

The right choice of alloy, shape, and properties is the first step in the quality, design, service life, and reliability of a product. Let us give you advice before deciding the type of material and its manufacture. It will save you time and money and eliminate problems in the end.

At our factory outlet our smaller volume customers can buy from a wide range of our most common products.